Sunday, May 1, 2016

30th March 2016 – Campbell’s arrive

So Gary’s sister and nephew arrived after a break from Kenny’s visit and going to NZ. This was great fun to have visitors, we scheduled all the showers and chores well. I didn’t get too stressed which I thought I would, luckily I didn’t have to do much, they took care of themselves brilliantly. 

A few stressful moments, for all of us but really amazing to share some time with a beautiful women who inspires me. Gary worked too much and had to go away for a few days but other than that everyone was happy.

Lesson for everyone re visitors, set expectations that you can't do everythin for them. Advice given to me...and it works. that way you are not stressed when visitors are around. 

and if you ned alone time or quiet time, just say so. People understand.

I wanted Lesley to stay :-(

6th April 2016 – Look Good Feel Better Workshop! A MUST do for all women going through treatment!

I dragged Gary’s sister to the LGFB half day workshop, it was at David Jones and I had no idea what to expect but knew it was to do with makeup. Ana was the lead lady who sat us all down in the beautifully laid out room, with your own spot and a huge amount of make up in front of yu and a mirror. Maggie was our test dummy for the day, Ana would do the make up on her and we would all try it step by step. I didn’t expect to learn so much and enjoy/laugh so much.

Maggie was nervous about coming that day, she clearly didn’t feel comfortable having her wig off, but she was beautiful and by the end of the day had come out of her shell. She did great and looked amazing. After that, we received the make up in a bag and were able to take them home as gifts. AMAZING! @lgfbaustralia

14th April - Arvo off for Spa with Lesley

Started with 2 quick prosecco’s at the Hilton hotel bar, followed by 75 minutes of blissful relaxation which I needed and Lesley needed after a stressful couple of weeks…..well I should say year. Then I took Lesley to my favourite Mexican Mejico and enjoyed a few reds and some amazing taco’s. Obviously these are not Dr’s orders, in fact the opposite but you know what, I have 10 justifications I could give you as to why I’ll always have a few wines the day before.

And after.
And every capable day thereafter.

Can i add, this voucher came from a customer of mine at work. What an amazing gesture! 

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