Monday, May 9, 2016

Hospital visit again…Allergic Reaction

Nothing too drastic, no admission or tubes or poking and prodding. 

This morning I awoke with quite a rash all over my stomach, neck to top of thighs. I rang my Dr and he fit me in at his Royal North Shore for a quick look. He said I’ve had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic, 7-10 days after treatment starts is usually when things like this happen, so he wasn’t totally surprised. He has changed my treatment for the next fortnight changing to another antibiotic not in stock so I have to pick it up tomorrow, this will allow time to keep treating but he wants me back on the other AB as it’s the best treatment. Although in saying that, he spent 1.5 hours with the infectious unit and respiratory Dr determining that they still don’t know what infection I had – but nevertheless – he will change treatment for now, go through the next chemo and then refer me to a Dr who can build my immunity to Bactrim so I can go back on it. Apparently they give me small doses, build up my tolerance and then put me back on it for the remainder of the treatment and beyond chemo for a while. Like the flu shot concept really.

Dr Arthur didn’t recognise me with my blonde wig on…haha. And he has asked me to take photos of the rash. So I’ll make sure they are not uploaded to the cloud. J

So yes, I’m having wine tonight.

Back in the office today was nice, seeing my colleagues, chatting with my favourites, but no contact. I’m not risking their germs…I also stuck to my, do what work you can get done the rest can wait to tomorrow. There is always more to do. There will always more to do, I changed the way I organised my emails to make sure I focussed on the most important incoming emails and dealt with priorities that way.

Exciting news for those who saw my Facebook. We have booked Singapore Grand Prix for September, something I wasn’t sure of but I am so happy Gary insisted on just booking it anyhow. 5 days in Singapore watching Formula One, drinking, eating, being in the sweltering heat and no work sounds heaven. So we are off again. 2nd time for me, 3rd time for Gary. Now let’s see if the boys (hint hint) now book their trip.

BTW Kenny/Paul….YOLO!!!! Trust me, if you can say yes to something….say yes! You seriously only live once. Just fkn do it…you could die tomorrow.

If there is one thing in life that annoys me, it’s the umming and arrghin over should I? If you can afford it, want it, think you want it, have the opportunity to do it, just do it. The only thing that could happen, is regretting you didn’t do it.

That’s all for today peeps. I’m tired, I’m bored of the Dr visits, I have no fitness motivation like I used to, I miss Sun and her PT sessions, I get sad just thinking about waking up and not being able to just be energised, and I just want to go and have cocktails and feel pretty and have ridiculous fun and know that I can back it up the next day without feeling flat and sad, I look forward to the 2nd half of this year. And I’m a bit sick of telling myself just get through the next few months…. I find it hard to hang onto the inner strength I had a couple of months ago…I have to be very selective who I am around now to keep fresh and happy.

Thank you to everyone who have told me my blog is exciting, because it is helping me a lot. 

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