Sunday, May 1, 2016

New Letter Present and Chemo session #8 - 4 to go

 15th April 2016

CHEMOTHERAPY - LETTER E for eReader – Gary bought me a Kindle eReader! LOVE!

Today Britta gave me her special recipe for mayo - a Danish specialty called Remoulade. She has been such an angel through all of this J she is here most days and in Sydney she is a part of a lot of cancer organisations include Can Do and Cancer Institute.

Today the port was much better, not only is it much less painful to touch these days, Paula had gentle hands and I hardly felt it during chemo. The punch going in will never be painless but it’s def not the worst thing I deal with on chemo day. Today I also had the monthly ovary stopping injection, thanks to Kenny frightens the hell out of me but also a blessing so I don’t need to worry about that particular womanly function.

Update from the SMH Half Marathon! 26 confirmed registrations as of 15th April – I have husband, friends, work colleagues, distance work colleagues and ex work colleagues all registered and what an amazing effort from some friends who rarely run or hate running (not mentioned any names Sez) unless a beer is at the end of it. I’m so proud of everyone. And yes don’t worry there will be beer at the end of it. And I was in the top 10 fund raisers but now am just over the number 10 spot. Instead I’m aiming for finishing because these days my lungs have really started to give me grief.

A nose sore, rash on my neck and lungs that feel like they have packed it in. Walking up and hill and talking at the same time is now something I just forget about, feels like I’m breathing in the coldest of Scottish country air and then they respond by an inadvertent cough to remind me stop trying to do too much. My personal training sessions and now involving a lot of groaning.

It also seems that everyone around me is sick. So I’m using a lot of hand wipes and Dettol. I forget most of the time I have to be more careful – it’s easy to forget it only takes a small germ to cause me issues.

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