Sunday, May 1, 2016

April 30th – Welcome to Planet Bored and hospital food..

Now that I was feeling well enough that i could be recoveringat home - although we still don't know what kind of infection it is until Monday's results et back - I started to dislike the room and this bed, but Gary brought my colouring books, music on a usb for me to set up my new MP3 player he gave me for my next chemo treatment (which is cancelled until further notice) so I loaded it up, played some Dolly Parton and began colouring in. I managed to escape. 

I also found out, after offering the nurses chocolates unsuccessfully, that there is a veranda attached to the ward, so when Gary came back from his non visiting hour period, we went out and enjoyed the warm fresh air. I wouldn’t have been well enough to do it anyway until today, but I did think I’d been missing out the entire few days not knowing about this.

 It will be my special outing for tomorrow! Sez my angel and Gary spent dinner with me and headed off so I could settle in for the night. Crazy Saturday Night plans!

I did ask Dr Arthur about the upcoming SMH half marathon that I was running in 2 weeks’ time, after ab bit of umming and arrrghhing, he said ask respiratory Dr and take their judgement. I don’t think there is much chance, but perhaps if I promise to not challenge myself. Then again, as I said to Dr Arthur, we are talking about me! Challenge is the only way I know that makes me feel good about myself..

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