Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hair...what is it good for?

Hair and all that jazz…

I cut my hair on 29th December. Went to a bob, which I instantly loved and wish I had done it months ago. I immediately vowed I would NOT wear scarves and look like I have cancer.

I finally shaved my head on Monday 25th January. Australia Day! We went over to friends place for this event. I was nervous only at what I would look like. The hair began falling out after the 2nd treatment and then by the 3rd I would run my fingers through my hair and it will come out in chunks, I could have managed a little longer, but it was not fun pulling it out or having it run down your legs in the shower, so TIP? Just shave it immediately. I easily get ready to leave the house in 3 minutes. It’s so refreshing and time saving. And you know what, the looks is pretty good with a pop of lippy colouring. Also, I had sooo many comments about how good I look, this made me feel really good.

Get your make up process sorted, buy products where it doesn’t take you long to get ready and you bring out your best features. Accessorize as MUCH as you can, big earings, cool sunnies (I bought some mimco awesome sunnies) and a few extra dangling earings to make the look work. And of course RED lips.

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