Sunday, May 1, 2016

I finally cried, really cried!

I cried for the first time, really cried, Christmas Eve. I felt alone because my dad and sister didn’t answer. Sarah did. Gary comforted me. But my family wasn’t there. Dad didn’t phone me Christmas morning, this made me angry but he always makes up for it and was always calm and collected when I talked to him about what I was going through and feeling. Dad never made a fuss about things and this was no different, he is very matter of fact about all of this and doesn’t get emotional. I love this about dad, I can talk to him about anything and know I’ll get good advice back. Everytime. And usually deals with situations the same way I would.

The rest of the year was a combination of work finishing up for the financial year, spending time with Gary’s parents and starting to think about how I should start spending my valuable time.

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