Saturday, May 7, 2016

Chemo postponed...and eyebrows be gone! oh and don't forget the Bootcamp

So change of plans on Friday morning. 

A scheduled appointment with Dr Arthur meant I spent an hour discussing how my recovery was going and if he thought chemotherapy after a week of antibiotic treatment was a good idea. I reiterated, ‘I’m strong, tough and mentally prepared to just get it done today’ but he discussed with respiratory Dr and she suggested another week of treatment and recovery before hitting my body with the chemicals again. Even with the intense strength of antibiotics I’m having, the chemo will lower my immune system especially in conjunction with one of the medications which will lower my immune system. 

I could have swayed him to be honest, he felt bad for me and suggested I ‘looked disappointed at delaying chemo’ but I reiterated ‘you are the qualified one here to make a judgement not me’. Dr Arthur likes to listen to his patients and take their judgement of how our bodies feel, what can we cope with, what is too much etc. But I needed to take his guidance, because I’ll often make a call that ends me in pain or stress just because I don’t believe in excuses. The way I was raised really, don’t complain, hard work is normal and physical pain is just something that comes after hard work and determination. So after Dr Arthur felt bad for me, I told him I’d not even care when I left his office and would be back next week.

We discussed a lot including another CT Scan to be booked, a visit to respiratory Dr to check lungs are back to clear and that my bowels are inflamed from antibiotics. I have no pain, but my mouth is slimy and dry cracked lips from antibiotics, I probably won’t be able to give blood in the future, I can’t get my 6 monthly teeth cleaned until after treatment, the results from the cultures and bronchoscopy were negative to PCP that he thought I had, which puzzled him – but treatment is working so let’s focus on that. I don’t care what I had, I care how I feel.

So back home I went and went back to work. Until next Friday Chemotherapy monster!

In other news, I looked in the mirror randomly this week and noticed “eyebrows be gone” I am hanging onto a couple on both sides like a bad comb over equivalent, but my eye lashes also hardly have anything to put mascara onto. So it’s pencil liner all the way for the brows. Gosh I hope they grow back.

I was meant to go to Melbourne on Thursday but I have postponed as I don’t want to have one day away with an already busy week, plus I think a plane full of potential germs isn’t my idea of playing it safe at the moment.

So THE EXCITING NEWS is Sarah’s ex PT Trainer Frankie (DeltaFit) and I are planning a Charity Bootcamp on the 28th May under the harbour bridge at Bradfield Park Kirribilli. We are aiming for $1000 on the day which equates to 50 people. We have sponsors on board and Frankie and I are super keen for this so i'll be possibly asking alot of favours from friends. With the people I know, Sez knows, Frankie knows and beyond I believe we can do it!

This would take me up to over $3,000 money raised for Lymphoma!

So if you read this and want to come along please check it out and register via the button on DeltaFit's website and find 28th May Charity Bootcamp and register. It should be a lot of fun and although I’m so scared of it being a flop or a non-event, I’m determined to make it great. I love it when hard work pays off and people jump on board other people’s passion!

Hope to see more than 50 so pls spread the word, my facebook posts were all updated plus loads of friends sharing it so jump on board!

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