Sunday, May 1, 2016

1st May 2016 – Penultimate Day?

CHEMOTHERAPY - LETTER R for (he is grasping at straws for this but I love it) Retro Records! Yes he bought me an MP3 player to replace the last 2 I’ve lost on planes. This one came early because of being in hospital. Presents left include ‘APY’ good luck Gary with Y! That’s a tough one.

My best sleep yet in here, and both times I was in dream land it was ‘knock knock vitals check’ I think we should just have to leave an arm out and they don’t need to wake you hahaha. Not sure how that would work with the temperature check but I didn’t work all of it out. I woke thinking "only one more sleep" Yippee. Which no different to my situation, is something you usually count down to an upcoming trip or exciting event you have been waiting ages for.

Biggest things I’ve missed? Sharing my bed with Gary, Stewie and walking! I’m going to sleep standing up from now on I think. But I have spent time doing things I generally don’t at home, like updating my blog finally, emailing my family overseas, colouring in and updating my social media on @ozwwcwc my new support group for women battling cancer without children who a career focussed as I feel there is something i can talk about first hand. So I’ve been productive.

It’s raining outside so I’m not missing anything out there. I’ll enjoy my last day of life contemplation before back to some kind of life tomorrow.

I moved after lunch to the Hematology ward 8E. Again my own room, another isolation type of room, but this one has a mini bar fridge! Bonus. It’s nice and private, but then you do have to wonder what our bodies have the ability to do and expose others to, is pretty scary.

I’ve refocused my time now onto reading anti-cancer by Dr Servan-Schreiber. My aunty gave it to me, and it focuses on the healthy side of preventing cancer. ‘A new way of life’ which is exactly what I’m currently searching for on all levels. Lifestyle, food, cut back on cancer promoters and eat LESS sugar (as I finish a chocolate).

I never wanted learn much about all of this, the cancer, the preventers, the promoters etc, but diet and health will always interest me as it should everyone. I was so healthy before this happened, so it isn’t ALL lifestyle. Unless red wine causes cancer then I’ll die very young :-) BUT I think we can take tips from someone who has spent years studying along with his experience and gather some tips from it.

Sat outside for a while, besides almost losing my gown from the wind, I also couldn’t really open my eyes from the sun, I decided perhaps my bed is a better idea.

Now that I’m another ward, they clamped by portacath and I no longer have my robot SBU. he has left my side, for now I’m free. Well free to sit in bed and wait.

Gary and Sarah did their daily visit and chat. Cup of tea of course and home. i get home tomorrow and Gary flies to Melbourne and hobart so ill see him Thursday night. Not ideal, but life. Sez is my housewife for the rest of the week I've been ordered!

My dear neighbour the Entertainer

No hope of me being bored when i was in the Burns Unit when ‘Patricia’ is awake. I just heard her singing “I’ve got a cannula, I’ve got a cannula….” On repeat to herself. She has upgraded from talking to herself to singing now. At least she is entertaining herself.

The last Dr dressing her leg said he had to go but he would be round, she asked round like what? He replies like a rissole…but she said they are kind of flat not round, round like a wheel is better. Dr – you’ve been told!

After yelling out for the nurse for 20 minutes asking where has everyone gone?? The nurse arrived, and she instantly said oh sorry did I yell too loud? Funny! There’s more I could write back I haven’t been keeping track, should have though, it would have given me great content for me blog. I hope she gets better soon. 

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