Sunday, May 1, 2016

April 27th – 38.2 temperature – next stop Emergency Mr Cab Driver!

I hit the gym at 745am, lasted 13 lunges before I went into a fit of coughing. Ended up heading downstairs and doing some machine leg work for an hour. All I could cope with. I headed home ready for a day of Quarterly Business Reviews for work where I would stand up and do my presentation I’d spend 1.5 days and lots of caffeine completing. When I got home gary pestered me for 15 minutes “check your temperature” sure sure but it will be fine. 38.2 was on the screen after the beep and I had to google the ‘go to hospital’ figure again because I had in my head – surely 40 is the bad figure not 38 – but I rang the Northern Cancer institute and she advised go to hospital. So I did! In a cab 15 minutes later!
When I got there they admitted me immediately under category 2, straight into a bed with loads of suction pads taking all my vitals, I had a temp of 37.9 then, resting heart rate of 122, oxygen below 90 so I went onto oxygen tube and liquids/antibiotics in my portacath. Bloods and cultures taken (cultures I found out are those little germs that grow in science labs that are living in your blood). Don’t know what results look like yet, I imagine a few little Mez creatures roaming around the blood lab in the hospital. I hope they break out and start a colony.

I felt pretty crap, moved to the burns unit as no beds in Haematology ward, and stayed overnight. 5 Dr visits in a few hours had me being moved to the Respiratory ward and a bronchoscopy booked in for Friday morning. Followed by results of that determining the rest. But I knew another night or two would be the immediate diagnosis.

A viral swab taken from through my nose and pushed down my throat, meant I was in isolation until they knew the results. This is to protect everyone coming into the room in case I had some flu virus I’m sharing with all the healthy people around me.

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