Thursday, May 5, 2016

Lesson in not needing to be a Hero - 5th May

It’s been a blessing having Sez with me this week at home while Gary travels for work. You know I can deal with moving around the house and walking to woolworths when I need to but geez sometimes just taking Stewie outside for a pee pushes me over the edge like I’ve been to the Gym. Thank fully Sez, Gary and any other visitors do this for me the majority of the time. It’s a small thing, but means massive amount to me. I made dinner for Sez and I using my vegetti utensil and my arms were aching after. Those carrot and zucchinis take some shredding.

This week is all about back at work aka emails, the lounge, blanket, Buddha digital radio, coffee which currently tastes disgusting but I push through one cup (and the 2nd usually goes cold before I finish it because I just can’t bare the taste) water and diet sprite…these are getting me through. Oh and did I mention Gary’s amazing vegetable soup? I’ve been eating it every lunch and dinner for the nutrition and yum factor. I need to eat more of it because I lost 3 kg in the last week. Not something I expected, however all the antibiotics and pills I’m taking have affected my mouths taste worse than chemotherapy side effect. Bazaar. Don’t even get me started on a toilet conversation….(changing subject).

Not being a hero is something I picked up from my work colleague. Sweet kind and super thoughtful, I heard her say this a couple of months ago and stole it and have decided it’s going to help me get through the next 2 months with not pushing myself. So I’m not being a hero with working 24/7 and I’m not having to exercise every day, I don’t need to be in the office to be seen, I don’t need to attend meetings to be productive. None of these matter if I’m only hanging on to feeling 'well enough'. Lesson for everyone not just my situation but of course I will always try my hardest with everything I do, just not to prove I’m some kind of hero.

Basically I’m taking everything a bit more serious. But of course only with my health, life’s too short to take seriously. So with diet/health and work/life balance beginning to come under control….next is a hobby! OMG this will take me a while…

When I returned home, I checked the mailbox and I had received a singlet from Lymphoma Australia! This was for raising over $250 for the SMH Half marathon. I wear with pride the below! 

I am becoming quite good friends with the Lymphoma support group...and get excited...because i have a surprise for my next blog update. Something I'm arranging for even more fundraising and support during May!

Highlight of my day? I caught up with Jo, an amazing human being, compassionate, thoughtful, super smart, georgous and not only inspires me across many levels but she reminds me that life is amazing to live and she makes the most of it - a passion we share but i forget during this journey on my bad days!

Chemo tomorrow.... :-( 

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