Sunday, May 1, 2016

New Zealand weekend getaway - Kiwi land! Letter H for Holiday!

CHEMOTHERAPY - LETTER H for Holiday (1st April 2016)

Easter Break to Kiwi Land! 26th March – what a perfect trip. We relaxed, I loved beautiful Auckland and we read a book, drank wine and ate some lovely food in between long walks. I couldn’t fly anywhere long so New Zealand was perfect for us.

TIP? Get some good books to escape and relax just a little each day or couple of days.  Today I finished my book. I was reading Girl on a train. It was just perfect when I needed something to do and didn’t have the energy but hated sitting still doing nothing, then a book gave me what I needed, sit wherever you need in the house, at the café, nearby park or balcony as I did, and just read until you are bored of it or have something else to do. It also got me back interested in reading, and reading books that weren’t self-help or having to improve myself in some way. It was pure entertainment! Exactly what you need right now. But not every day, just sometimes.

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